Esben Lund-Hansen

Nature Therapist

"Better Health is Right Outside Your Door"


I combine Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness Meditation, Nature Therapy and Jungian archetypes.

My work is 100% client focused, putting you, your situation and your goals at the very center of what we do. We work outside in nature combining a unique set of scientifically proven methods to bring you to where you'd like to be - letting be of what you no longer need and finding the resources inside of you to become what you intend to become.

Over the years I've found that slowing down and connecting with ourselves is something we have forgotten. The high pace, stress, superficiality and societal norms to look and be in specific ways of the modern capitalistic society, simply doesn't allow for that. For many of us, we have also forgotten how to engage in healthy, deep and meaningful relationships with ourselves and other people. So we go on autopilot and are often driven by values, needs, desires and ideals that are simply not truly connected with ourselves and our life purposes.

In consequence, we end up in unhealthy states of stress, burnout, anxiety, loneliness, depression, anger or sadness. The gap between who we really are and what we think we should be and strive to become, becomes too much and unmanageble.

So here's to living healthy, happy, fulfilling and meaningfull lives - we all deserve it.

Om Esben Lund-Hansen

I'm Esben,

I have more than 15 years of experience with helping people all over Europe to live their true and own version of fulfilling and meaningful lives free of constraints such as trauma, emotional unbalance, unhealthy attachments and relationships, limiting beliefs and stigma.

I worked with People Development for more than 15 years in the corporate world for companies such as Deloitte, Canon, Cisco and VELUX. However it was my own experience of suffering from the diffulties of life as I went through a deep depression after the loss of my mother, that taught me about the richness and diversity of human life. After my corporate career, I studied to become a therapist and mindfulness and meditaiton teacher. I'm now fully committed to helping other people live healthy, happy and meaningful lives by going out in to nature, the oldest and greatest healer and teacher of all.

I help people manage burnout, stress, loneliness, depression and anxeity by combining nature therapy with mindfulness and Jung's archetypes. I help create a space and time for you to unwind, feel and connect with yourself with kindness and compassion and gain clarity and access your inner resources, that will help you achieve your goals.

Nature therapy is a holistic approach to mental and physical health that uses the natural environment as an important tool for healing. It has been practiced for centuries in many cultures, but it is just now beginning to gain recognition in the western world. This type of therapy is based on the belief that humans are naturally connected to nature and spending time in it can reduce stress and help improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Nature therapy as a concept has ancient roots and is thought to be rooted in basic evolutionary psychology. In fact, humans have spent 99.9% of their time [on Earth] living in a natural environment. Nature therapy aims to reconnect modern humans with their evolutionary past by reigniting biophilia, the tendency to interact closely with and care deeply for the natural world, and thus healing mental health concerns related to human disconnect with the natural world. Nature therapy has been consistently found to have a wide range of positive benefits for both physical and mental health. On the flip side, too much exposure to non-natural environments is believed to cause "excessive nervous tension, over-anxiety, hateful disposition, impatience, and irritability". In this way, many researchers view nature therapy as "preventative medicine", in addition to a direct way to address ongoing mental health issues. Nature therapy has long been recognized as an effective way to manage mental health conditions. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

My client work is client-centered putting you first and what you want to achieve in focus.

I'm also the co-founder of Nature 120, a nature exposure app helping people find positive, happy, fulfilling and meaningful lives by spending time in nature in ways that are scientifically designed to improve the health and wellbeing of humans.


Nature Therapy

Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness Meditation

Jungian archetypes

En plattform för att hjälpa dig prioritera det viktigaste i ditt liv, din emotionella och fysiska hälsa, för ditt välmående.
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