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Olivia Karlsson

Business Strategy | Business Development

Olivia is an experienced coach in business development and business strategy. She is a Techstar Almuni co-founder, founder of an HR-company, yoga practitioner/teacher, and personal development enthusiast.

Elin Breitholtz

Emotional Transformation | Releasing Subconscious Blockages

Elin combines her varied experience in building businesses & organizations, with her expertise in emotional transformation.

She's created and sold her Oracle Decks across Sweden, runs her own healing center Hjärtat, and she is the CEO of health platform SAKURA.

Apollo Salim

Mind Expansion | Moving Beyond Perceived Limits & Comfortzone

Apollo is a one-of-a-kind extraordinary coach, with deep empathy and a raw sense of helping people out of their mind-built boxes.

Book a session with him prepared to change deeply!

Raised over 14 Million SEK

We've raised over 14 million SEK combined

World Class Business Insights

Coaches enrolled in 2 of the world's largest business accelerator programs Techstars & Founders Institute in 2022 & 2023

Practical & Emotional = Healthy Success!

We've got broad combined experience in the world of business: Investors, employees, raising money, international collaborations, building an AB (LLC), networking, pitching, building a deep sense of trust with clients... You name it! We offer help and guidance both in a practical sense, but most importantly your own emotional alignment with your goals. Most often, this means becoming aware of unconscious blockages, trauma, or beliefs, to really embody your potential and reach your most genuine desires in your business. (However "big" or "small" they are...!)

We know that everyone has this innate potential, and we invite you to bravely discover your own authentic success with us!



6 Modules & +30 Classes (Lifetime Access)

Individual Coaching Sessions - 3 Coaches With Unique Expertise

Monthly Q&A Group-Sessions

Easy & Practical Workbooks & Material

SAKURA - Läk Ensamhet & Bygg Relationer

Integration into SAKURA

Access To Exclusive Community


6 Modules | +30 Classes | +10 Hours

Module 1: Money-festation

What Is Money? (9:30)

Money & The Law Of Attraction (28:01)

Money & Your Goal (Ideal Sum) (18.42)

How To Shift A Belief Around Money (18:58)

Money & Influence (11:30)

Money - Leaking (9:43)

Abundance Journal (5:31)

Wish-List (4:59)

Automatic Writing (14:13)

Dream Week (12:21)

Module 2: Market & Clients

Market: Who Is My Customer/Client?

Market: How Do I Reach My Customer/Client?

Sales: Fear-based VS Trust-Based Selling 

Sales: Masculine VS Feminine Principle Of Sales (Authentic & Healthy Selling)

Module 3: Value & Offer

Core-Value: Understand Your Value (Offer)

Branding: Authentic & Truthful Branding

Talents & Skills: Identify Your Natural Talents & Skills and How To Use Them

Key-Words: Understand The Purpose & Integrity Of Your Business

Module 4: Success & Vision

Vision-Board: Create Your Vision

Success-Journal: Lead Your Way Into Fulfilling Your Goal

Pitch-Deck: How To Create A Pitch-Deck

Opportunities: How To Take Advantage Of The Right Opportunities

Module 5: Network & Relationships

Network: How To Build A Network

Collaboration: How To Collaborate With Mutual Benefit

Competition VS Collaboration (Let's Invite The Future!)

Investors: How To Get People To Invest In Your Project

Module 6: Emotional Blockages & Transformation

Trauma: Release & Heal Trauma (Blockages) Connected To Your Goals

Resistance: Subconscious Resistance To Your Goals

Belief: How To Shift A Core-Belief

Bravery: How To Move Out Of Your Comfort-Zone


Invest in your authentic success

Boost Your Business! program gives you extraordinary tools to succeed with your business, with authenticity and integrity.

Access to 30+ Classes, 6 Modules

Easy & Practical Workbooks

Private Coaching Sessions

Exclusive Members Community

Group Session Q&As Every Month

6 Month Program | Lifetime Access

3333 EUR

2499.75 EUR


Book Your Free Coaching SessionFree Intro Course



Book a free coaching call

Book a 30-minute free consultant call with one of our coaches, to get instant value and insight on your path to business success.


The Boost Your Business! program is a 6-month program that includes private coaching sessions, group sessions, and exclusive material to boost you and your business into your version of success. You will receive a lifetime access to all current and future classes, even when the 6 months end, to ensure your future success in your business. Are you ready?!


Do you need some extra time to pay for your program? Don't worry! We've got you covered. Pay securely in 3 or 6 installments without interest. 

We want everyone to be able to access this program, if you need an even longer payment plan, contact us and let's see what we can do to make the program happen for you. 


By participating in the Boost Your Business! program, we aim to maximize your healthy version of success, by helping you understand the process of real change to happiness and success. If you have not earned a minimum of 100% of your investment back in organic revenue within a year, we offer a full money-back guarantee. No risk in investing in yourself and we support you!


Do you have any questions before making a decision? We are here to help guide you and listen to your goals. You are welcome to contact us any time at



Get to know yourself deeply.

Unravel your authentic expression, your deeper desires in life, your highest integrity, your most natural talents, and understand your current subconscious blockages - In order to open the doors to a healthier and more authentic business!

Create an integrityful, authentic and healthy business.

Forget fear-based sales tactics, over-worked schedules, and false facade branding. We've been in the depths of the old business world, and we have built our own new recipes for how to create a business built on authenticity, integrity, and trust-based relationships. Join us to create the future of how to give the world your unique gift!

Become a master of your time.

Learn to use your time in order to create the level of clients, income and results that are in alignment with your highest desires!

Connect with the people who need your help and want your gift.

Who do you want to help? Why do you want to help them? What if there are people waiting for you, right now? And what if the only thing standing in between you and them, are your current subconscious beliefs and thoughts?


♣ Have a +15 Year old business and want to scale or upgrade your business

♣ Just started your practice or venture

♣ Business located anywhere in the world. 100% Digital Program.

♣ Feel a calling to deeper understand your unique desires, emotions & goals on your path


Who should take this course?

The course is tailored to boost and accelerate businesses in the emotional health or health field. This includes for example therapists, yoga-practictioners, reiki, meditation, psychologists, coaches, acupuncture, massage, etc.  If you are a business seeking to upgrade your success in terms of clients, revenue, network or opportunities, then this program is an absolute gold-mine!

If you are a business outside of the emotional & physical health field, you can still partake in this program with great benefit, however you will not be able to be enrolled into all of the perks & opportunities, such as an integration into SAKURA for 1 year as well as other marketing opportunities for e-health.

Is it time-based?

The programs length is 6 months. The classes (current & future) you will receive a lifetime access to, to ensure further success on your path.

When does it start?

The program enrolls new students on a consistent basis, which means that the program starts individually when you enroll with the program. 

Do you have payment plans?

We have 2 different payment plans, a 3 month installment and 6 month installment interest-free. If you have any other inquires about an even longer payment-plan, we want to be able to help you still enroll in the program as best as we can. In this case, please contact or your contact-person directly and tell us about your situation. 

What if I regret my purchase and want a refund?

Once you have enrolled in the program, signed the agreement, paid, and the program has started for you, you are not able to ask for a refund. However, if we are not able to guarantee a minimum 100% of your investment back as revenue in your business, 1 year after the program ends, we offer a 100% money-back-garantuee. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us -

What language is the program in?

The program is in English. All individual coaching-sessions are available in both English & Swedish.

I am registered, what happens now?

Once you are registered, you will have received the links & introduction via email from your contact-person. Please, check your spam-folder. If you still haven't received the introduction-package (links) in your email, send us an email and we will help you to the right place!

How do I pay?

You pay securely with your card in your prefered installement/full amount. Your contact person will provide you with the links to your preferred payment as well as the agreement and the introduction you will receive once enrolled.


Slottsgatan 27

722 11 Västerås, Sweden

VAT nr: 559390-5796


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